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Red, White & Crue
Cartula del CD: Motley Crue - Red, White & Crue
Artista / Grupo:  
Motley Crue

Año de publicación:

Canciones del disco:

CD 1
1 -Live Wire
2 -Piece Of Your Action
3 -Toast Of The Town
4 -Too Fast For Love
5 -Black Widow
6 -Looks That Kill
7 -Too Young To Fall In Love (Remix)
8 -Helter Skelter
9 -Shout At The Devil
10 -Smokin' In The Boys Room
11 -Use It Or Lose It
12 -Girls, Girls, Girls
13 -Wild Side
14 -You're All I Need
15 -All In The Name Of...
16 -Kickstart My Heart
17 -Without You
18 -Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
19 -Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)
20 -Dr. Feelgood

CD 2
1 -Anarchy In The U.K.
2 -Primal Scream
3 -Home Sweet Home ('91 Remix)
4 -Hooligan's Holiday (Brown Nose Edit)
5 -Misunderstood (Successful Format Version)
6 -Planet Boom
7 -Bittersuite
8 -Afraid (Alternative Rave Mix)
9 -Beauty
10 -Generation Swine
11 -Bitter Pill
12 -Enslaved
13 -Hell On High Heels
14 -New Tattoo (Single Version)
15 -Street Fighting Man
16 -If I Die Tomorrow
17 -Sick Love Song

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